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Too much

I've been there couple of times without a problem but all of a sudden there is a dress code (I'm a neat dresser, I polish my shoes so they are always shine) I've been there (at Loftið) a few times and never had any problems (similar outfit) and a friend that has different skin colour, his is what we generally call black, I had no problem getting in previously (same or very similar dress, just different T-shirt and jeans) otherwise the same. The reason can only be racial from my point of view as I had no problem getting in, with almost Identical cloths. The reason I write this report is not that I was stopped going in but I had been allowed in without problems until I came with a great friend of mine that has a different colour of his skin I do cannot accept being stopped due to that. I believe the owner owe us (especially my friend) apology and if he want's a dress code (so last century) it should be enforced all the time and not arbitrarily. I await for his apology and it has to be sincere or I (and hopefully he) will not accept it. Shame on them.

- Guðmundur Mjöllnir Þorsteinsson

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