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wonderful place to fix your car

the muffler on my car broke after taking the car on some gravel roads. it was an old car, and the exhaust pipe was rusty and ready to break anyway. i took it to mulatindur, thinking they would tell me i needed a new one, but instead they immediately put it up on the lift, fitted an insert between the two broken bits, and welded it in. the job took less than an hour, and i was on my way. the mechanics and staff are friendly, efficient, clean (i've never seen a cleaner mechanic's shop), and charged a very reasonable fee for their service. i saved hundreds of dollars over what it would have cost to get a new one. i was very impressed that they never even tried to sell me a new one, but simply fixed the problem. a few weeks later, my tire went flat, and i couldn't get the jack to work, so they came to my car, removed the wheel and took it back to the shop, brought it back and remounted it before i knew what was happening. again, they charged me very little, and did an excellent and very fast job. i love them!

- Jeanne Morrison

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