Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Galaxy Buds Pro, Samsung's new wireless headphones with smart ANC Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity - Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) - Professional sound - Automatic switching between devices - Up to 28 hours of autonomy We present you the new Galaxy Buds Pro .DiscoverSamsung's most fascinating True Wireless headphones , with professional technology and surround sound ...
Galaxy Buds Pro, Samsung's new wireless headphones with smart ANC Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity - Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) - Professional sound - Automatic switching between devices - Up to 28 hours of autonomy We present you the new Galaxy Buds Pro .DiscoverSamsung's most fascinating True Wireless headphones , with professional technology and surround sound .The intelligent ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) system allows you to switch between noise cancellation and ambient sound so you can adjust it at any time.It's up to you! Active noise cancellation ANC The best of the Galaxy Buds Pro is directly up to you.Thanks to strategically placed microphones both inside and outside, theBuds Pro's active noise cancellation filters out up to 99% of background noise. However, in some situations you may not want to mute background sounds as much.So you can choose the ANC level to hear more or less of the world around you: set it to "High" on a noisy bus, or "Low" in a quiet library. Smart ANC and environmental mode Also, the Galaxy Buds Pro will instantly switch from ANC to ambient sound when it hears your voice.For example, if you are in a coffee shop using ANC to block outside noise, tell the waiter your order and ANC will automatically turn off when you speak .And, is that, these smart headphones adjust themselves so you can talk, even if you are using the ambient mode or have the ANC deactivated, lowering the volume of the music and focusing the microphone on the person who speaks to you.This way you won't miss any important part of the talk! 2-channel speakers with a larger driver Immerse yourself in professional studio sound with the Galaxy Buds Pro thanks to balanced audio and wide frequency response .On the one hand, its 11mm woofer achieves powerful bass, while the low-distortion 6.5mm tweeter delivers clear and delicate high tones with a wide range of nuances. Triple microphone system for crystal clear calls But the Galaxy Buds Pro will not only serve you to listen to the latest album by your favorite singer, or to listen to that podcast about meditation.No. None of that.Because they will also serve you to answer your calls without noise that distracts you or your interlocutor. Not for less with three built-in microphones and a voice pickup unit .Plus, its low-prominence design and sophisticated mesh will block out the sound of the wind during calls.Every word will sound crisp and perfect! 360 Audio, the sound that surrounds you The 360 Audio experience is so impressive that it will take you center stage.Thanks to Dolby Head Tracking technology , the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro transport you inside your favorite videos, movies or TV shows.This is so because the intelligent motion tracking sensor detects the direction of sound when you move your head, thus achieving a fantastic sense of realism in your listening experience.Plus, with Dolby Atmos content , you'll hear every detail more clearly. Automatic change in pairing with your devices Without a doubt, the Galaxy Buds Pro will leave you open-mouthed every time you discover one of its wonderful functions.Like, for example, the automatic change system , which detects the most urgent and instantly changes the connection to that device.In this way, if you are watching a movie on your tablet and you receive a call, Galaxy Buds Pro switches the audio to your phone.Once you hang up, your Galaxy Buds Pro will reconnect to the tablet, switching from one device to another without you ever having to touch the screen. Your smart assistant will always be ready when you need it Modern headphones, modern connectivity.The voice activation Bixby is always ready when youcall through your Galaxy Buds Pro. A simple "Hi Bixby" wakes him up, and then you can give an order to make a phone call, change music, switch between Samsung devices saying your name, turning ANC and Ambience mode on or off, and many other things.You talk and Bixby listens. Always find your headphones Have you lost your headphones again?Don't you want to ask for help because you're sick of being told "one of these days you're going to lose your mind"?Do not worry.No one has to know. Find them quickly and easily through the SmartThings app .Open the APP so that your headphones emit a beep and you can see where you have left them.Plus, with offline search, you can find the last location where they were used, even if they are no longer connected to your phone. Share the sound with your friends Keep your headphones on and let a friend join you. Buds Together lets you connect two Galaxy Buds Pro games to one phone at the same time, so you and a loved one can listen to your favorite playlist together. Three colors with glossy finish The Galaxy Buds Pro are available in three trend-setting colors .Choose between black, purple or silver and give your look the tone that best suits you.Each earbud is polished to a high shine , while the matte interior feels soft to the touch.Also enjoy its matching box . Proper and secure fit On the other hand, this new take on the classic earbud shapemaximizes comfort when tuned in for hours and stays fixed in your ears even while exercising.Plus, thanks to vents that balance pressure in the ear and increase airflow, the fit is so natural that you'll even forget you're wearing them. Of course, it includes pads of three sizes , being able to choose the one that best suits your ear canal to obtain a correct seal and the ANC works optimally. Autonomy so as not to miss a beat Turn on the ANC and your Galaxy Buds Pro give you 5 hours of playtime with 13 more in the box.That's a total of 18 hours .When the ANC is off, you get 28 hours total , with 8 hours of playback and 20 more in the box.If you have a full day of video conferencing, or chatting with your friends or simply diving into your favorite playlist, the Galaxy Buds Pro have the necessary charge to keep you connected and listening. In addition, thanks to the fast charge , with five minutes you will have one more hour of autonomy.It's like a restful nap for your headphones. How?Are you out and have no way to load them?No problem: Wireless PowerShare gives you more power on the go.Simply place your Galaxy Buds Pro on the back of your Galaxy smartphone to charge it wirelessly. * Battery life times are based on internal testing, tested by pairing a pre-production Galaxy Buds Pro with a newly released Galaxy smartphone using default settings.Actual autonomy and charging time may vary depending on the conditions of use, the number of times it is charged, and many other factors. IPX7 water resistant Do you need the perfect headphones to practice sports?The Galaxy Buds Pro, in addition to fitting in your ear and not moving from the site even if you jump rope or dance, have the highest standard of water resistance in Samsung headphones: the IPX7 .This way they can last much longer and resist sweat or a walk in the rain. * IPX7 certification is based on a laboratory immersion test in conditions of up to 1 meter under fresh water for a maximum of 30 minutes.It is not recommended for use on beaches or swimming pools.The cargo box is not waterproof.Damage to the headphones is not guaranteed to be waterproof.If the headphones are wet, they should be dried thoroughly before handling or placing them in the charging box.If they are placed in the charging box without drying them, the headphones could be damaged. Get into the fashion of earbuds and the best sound. Technical specifications Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro R190:
  • General parameters
    • Brand: Samsung Product: Bluetooth Headphones Name: Galaxy Buds Pro Model: R190 Type: TWS (True Wireless) Design: In-Ear
    Technical parameters
    • Speaker: 2-way (11mm woofer + 6.5mm tweeter) Microphones: 3 (2 outdoor + 1 indoor) + Sound pickup unit + Wind shield Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0® Codec: AAC, SBC, Scalable (from Samsung) Water resistance: IPX711 System requirements: Android 7.0 or higher, RAM 1.5GB or higher
    • Reduces up to 99% of background noise Adjustable in 2 levels
    Ambient sound
    • Amplification up to + 20dB Adjustable in 4 levels Voice detection
    • Accelerometer Gyroscope Proximity Hall Tactile VPU (voice recognition unit)
    • Headphone capacity: 61 mAh (each) Case Capacity: 472 mAh Play time:
      • 5 hours / Total 18 hours (ANC on) 8 hours / Total 28 hours (ANC off)
      Talk time:
      • 4 hours / Total 14.5h (ANC on) 5 hours / Total 17.5h (ANC off)
      Charging type: Qi certified wireless charging
    Dimensions and weight
    • Headphone Dimensions: 19.5 x 20.5 x 20.8mm Case Dimensions: 50 x 50.2 x 27.8mm Headphone weight: 6.3g (each) Case Weight: 44.9g
    Package content
    • 2 x Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (left + right) 1 x Charging case 3x Pairs of ear pads (S, L - M attached to the headphones) 1 x Charging Cable 1 x User Manual

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