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Hvernig á að nota Glow Cuddles Bunny.

Glow Cuddles Bunny er mjúk og falleg kanína með tæki sem auðvelt er setja inn og taka úr og stilla eftir þörfum.


Hvernig á að nota Glow Cuddles Bunny.

Glow Cuddles Bunny er mjúk og falleg kanína með tæki sem auðvelt er setja inn og taka úr og stilla eftir þörfum.

Vinstri takkinn er til að velja slökkt-knús-tími. Ef það er á slökkt þá er gerist ekki neitt,ef það er stillt á knús þá kviknar ljós á hjartanu ef það er ýtt á hjartað,tími þá kviknar á ljósinu sem glóir eftir að það er ýtt á hjartað.

Hægri takkinn er til að velja ljós-hjartslátt með ljósi eða vípring með ljósi. Ef stillt er á ljós er ljós sem hjálpar börnunum að vera öruggt í dimmu herbergi,ef það er stillt á hjartslátt kviknar á hjartslætti sem líkir eftir hjartslætti móður og ljósi glóir,ef það er stillt á víbring þá kviknar á litlum víbringi og ljósið glóir.

Features: A Family Choice Awards winner, these plush companions combine the senses of sight and touch to help deliver the sleepiest slumber. With just a little hug, the touch-activated bear and bushy-tailed bunny give off a soothing glow, as well as the calming rhythm of a heartbeat to help pacify even the fussiest child into a peaceful sleep. Great for transitioning your little ones into their own big kid bed!

  • Touch activated heartbeat and soft glow feature
  • Adjustable volume
  • Soothes baby to sleep with heartbeat
  • Two sleep-timer options with auto shut-off: 10 minute timer on the touch feature – heartbeat or vibration, 23 minute timer on the soft glow
  • Removable heart unit
  • Can be machine washed and dried when heart unit is removed
  • Product quality construction meets and exceeds safety standards: Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free, BPA Free
  • Ideal for newborns and up

What’s in the Box:

  • Super plush cuddly companion and toy with illuminating soundbox
  • 3 AA batteries (Yes! The batteries are included!)
  • Storybook and adoption certificate

Multi-sensory Sleepytime Magic

Glow Cuddles solves two sleep issues in one cuddly companion. To help your little one fall asleep, Glow Cuddles features a heartbeat setting that mimics the comforting sounds of the womb. And as many parents know, imaginations can run wild in the night and sometimes be scary for children. Glow Cuddles touch activated glow, lights the way to a more comforting and restful sleep.

Kid-Friendly Operation

Incredibly soft and classically cute, our Glow Cuddle friends are always ready to share hugs and kisses. When sleepy time calls, switch the touch-activated heartbeat unit ‘on’ and watch as your baby is whisked off to dreamland with just a little hug! Glow Cuddles will automatically shut off to save battery power, but will still remain touch activated until you switch the heartbeat unit to ‘off.’ Bringing good sleep every night, Glow Cuddles is one of the best sleep aids around.

A Chic and Unique Gift

Sleep is a priceless gift and Glow Cuddles is a chic and unique way to promote it. It is supremely soft, cuddly and cute and delivers soothing sounds and a warm glow, quickly making it a favorite for any child (and parent!).


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