Vinnsluminni DDR4 Corsair 16GB 2400 Vengeance CL14


Hér er á ferðinni vandað 16GB DDR4 stakur minniskubbur af bestu gerð frá Corsair.

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Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 16 GB DIMM 28...

Hér er á ferðinni vandað 16GB DDR4 stakur minniskubbur af bestu gerð frá Corsair.

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Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 16 GB DIMM 288 pin


The Vengeance LPX memory is designed for overclocking performance PCs. The heat spreader is made of pure aluminum to dissipate heat faster, and the eight-layer PCB controls the heat and provides excellent scope for overclocking. Each IC is individually tested to its performance potential out.
The DDR4 form factor is optimized for the new Intel X99er motherboards and provides higher frequencies, more bandwidth and less power consumption than DDR3 modules. The compatibility of Vengeance LPX DDR4 modules has been tested with several X99er motherboards to guarantee a reliable, fast performance. There XMP 2.0 Support for trouble-free, automatic overclocking. And they are available in several colors to match the motherboard, components or just your style.
Compatibility with multiple X99er motherboards tested for reliable, fast performance through our comprehensive testing process includes performance and Kompabilitätstests with most X99er motherboards on the market -. and a few other
Designed for overclocking performance PCs
Each module of Vengeance LPX series consists of an eight-layer PCB and carefully tested memory ICs. The effective cooling of the heat spreader improve the overclocking potential even more.
Heat spreader made of pure aluminum for faster heat dissipation and cooler operation
The overhead when overclocking is limited by the operating temperature. The unique design of Vengeance LPX heat spreader pulls the heat optimally by the ICs and passes it into the cooling path of the system, so it can be more stressed.
The heat spreader not only ensures that the Vengeance LPX series runs better. No, the aggressive, yet elegant form factor looks at each flagship system totally cool.
XMP 2.0 Support for trouble-free, automatic overclocking to bring the frequency of DRAM manually to the limit, can be fun, but sometimes one would like to the maximum power easily and get unceremoniously.
Intel X99er motherboards support the new XMP 2.0 standard, and Vengeance LPX DRAM, it does. Once it is turned on, it automatically adjusts to the fastest safe speed for your Vengeance LPX Kit. You get amazing, reliable performance without locks or other strange behavior.

Technical Specifications

  • Density: 16GB (1x16GB)
  • Speed: 2400MHz
  • Tested Latency: 14-16-16-31
  • Voltage: 1.2V
  • Format: Unbuffered DIMM
  • Pin Out: 288 Pin
  • Intel XMP 2.0
  • Heatspreader: Anodized Aluminum

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